Kristi Blank, Director of River Valley Preschool | kblank@rivervalley.net
Amye Decker, Director of Operations and Exec Asst to Lead Pastor | adecker@rivervalley.net
Calie Eberly, Kids Ministry Coordinator | ceberly@rivervalley.net
Cody Felger, Middle School Coordinator | cfelger@rivervalley.net
Bob Goeller, Facility Manager
Mike Herring, Executive Pastor | mherring@rivervalley.net
Gabriel Hollister, Facility Assistant
Emily Langness, Kids Ministry Admin | elangness@rivervalley.net
Shane McGrath, Pastor of Discipleship and Community Groups | smcgrath@rivervalley.net
Steve Meek, Pastor of Family Ministry | smeek@rivervalley.net
Christine Mester, Director of Pastoral Care | cmester@rivervalley.net
Mark Moore, Lead Pastor | mmoore@rivervalley.net
Katie Myers, Administrator | kmyers@rivervalley.net
Ben Payne, Pastor of Worship Ministry | bpayne@rivervalley.net
Ryan Zerfas, Pastor of Student Ministry | rzerfas@rivervalley.net


Paul Ashenfelter
Kirk Bodach
Travis Casper
Marv Duerksen
Bowie Grant