Preschool – Kindergarten

We believe these young years are crucial for developing a child’s spiritual growth.


Where to find us

Preschool rooms are located in the back hallway, behind the auditorium.

Kindergarten room – take the stairs behind the auditorium to the 2nd floor. We’re at the south end of the hallway.

Fun is the language of kids. When children have fun at a particular place, they can’t wait to go back. Church should be that engaging for kids. The activities and materials in the In the Beginning curriculum were chosen for preschool and the Jesus Storybook Bible curriculum for Kindergarteners appeal and are designed to make learning about Jesus just plain FUN!

Each part of the curriculum has been designed to accomplish the goal of reaching kids for JESUS and helping them become fully-devoted followers.  Children will learn the key scriptural truths laying the foundation for children of this age. Concepts, stories, vocabulary, and music were chosen carefully to be concrete and easy for young children to comprehend.

Teaching the Bible creatively involves choosing skilled, gifted teachers who can communicate effectively to these young minds. Fortunately for us, we have awesome teachers in the splashmates rooms!

Well Child Policy

We want all of our splash friends to remain healthy and happy!

Keeping our Kids Safe

Read the steps we take to keep kids safe when they are in splash.

Moving Up

Learn how we promote kids as they grow-up in splash.

Deb Armington

We’d love to hear from you! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact Deb Armington.

darmington@rivervalley.net | 574.258.5513, ext. 121