Both Sunday Morning Services

And they devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and the fellowship,
to the breaking of bread and the prayers.

Acts 2:42

River Valley Church Community Groups exist to glorify God by making disciples of Jesus who love one another and impact the world with the Gospel. Community Group members encourage, challenge, and care for one another in both spiritual and practical ways.  They both proclaim and demonstrate the power of the Gospel, first in their Community Group, and then to the world around them.
In this unique season as the world, the Church and our community deal with the coronavirus, we are not able to meet face to face. This puts a strain on personal relationships and forces us to beg the question, "how do we be in community without being together?" But we cannot mistake the idea of fellowship as being simply time spent face to face in person; rather it is walking through life together, whatever that looks like.

Now, more than ever, our Community Groups need to bring support to our whole church. We need to love each other by communicating constantly and being intentional in staying connected. In times that bring different battles we must learn to fight with different weapons. This season that is very unique can indeed be one that we remember as very special.

If you are not already in a Community Group, please reach out and connect with us.
At the bottom of this page just give us some basic information so we can get you plugged in
or email Pastor Shane if you have questions.

God's Word

The Lordship of Christ implies that we hold up God’s word as the ultimate authority in our lives.  His word is authoritative, it’s without error, and it is sufficient for all things as believers.  We humbly submit ourselves to it by reading, understanding, and applying it in our lives.


Within the Body of Christ, we find our true family and commonality in the Gospel. We love one another and encourage one another to live lives that honor and glorify God.  We care for one another as a true family should.  We care for one another both spiritually and practically (Acts 2:44-45).

Breaking of Bread

Enjoying food together is a God-given blessing.  In the Jewish culture of Jesus’ time, and in the early church, a meal was an intimate gathering where relationships took place.  The Practice of hospitality should be a Christian virtue.  Likewise, Jesus calls all of us to His table, to His banquet.  We are one church, one family, one body.


Prayer should be the lifeblood of all believers.  When we go to the Lord in prayer we show our faith and dependency upon Him.  We recognize that He is the source of all that we need in life.  We are dependent upon Him for both our spiritual and physical needs.
Shane McGrath
Pastor of Discipleship and Community Groups