Both Sunday Morning Services


River Valley Men's Ministry exists to glorify God by making disciples of Jesus
who love one another and impact the world with the gospel.
Every program and event we have specifically aims to help us live out this mission.

River Valley Men's Fellowship

Men, join us on Wednesdays this spring as we study and discuss the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith. Confessions of faith serve the purpose of summarizing what the Bible teaches in many areas of doctrine for the purpose of providing clarity. A clear understanding of what the Bible teaches enables believers to live rightly, which bolsters faith and allows believers to better identify false teaching. Most importantly, in studying a confession, you study God’s Word, which points us to Christ so that we grow in our love and adoration for our Savior. Each week we will be taught a confession by Pastor Wes or one of our Elders and then discuss this confession together.
Please purchase this book before class starts on February 7 at the RVC bookstore for $4

Men's Events

Throughout the year we offer events just for men, with the purpose of friendship, worship, service, discipleship, and growing as a brotherhood of believers.